About todayPDX

  • Product Availability - todayPDX is where you shop local retailers from the comfort of your home and where, depending on the retailer and the time, your purchases are delivered to your door the same day. However, sometimes the product will not be available on the same day due to logistics or retailer availability. If the delivery will not be on the same day, you will be advised of the actual day of delivery before you commit to the purchase.
  • Delivery Days - Not all products are available for delivery every day. You can see at a glance the days when the item is available and click on the delivery day you want. That way you can group items from different producers for a single delivery fee since two separate deliveries means two delivery fees.
  • 3 Ways to Search - You can find what you are looking for in different ways: by product, by retailer, or you can use one of the "browse" options.
  • Narrowing your Search - There is a “filtering” option that lets you quickly narrow the search to items that meet your preferences. Those are the little icons that you see to the right of the search button whenever you are looking at products. Click on one or two of them and you will see only products that meet your criteria when you search. Click on “All” to clear your selections. When you click on a product, the icons that apply to that product are displayed on the left side.
  • Doorstep Delivery - When you sign up, or at any later time, you can indicate if it is okay for the courier to leave orders if no one is home. If you choose to allow that, you will accept responsibility but you will be able to set instructions for the courier which may be a specific spot or the address of a neighbor. But if the order includes food-related items or items of high value, someone must be available to receive the order within the delivery time window you select. The courier may assess a charge if a second delivery attempt is necessary.
  • Ordering - To place an order, click on the product graphic and enter the quantity. If the product comes in different sizes or colors, etc., you select your choice with a radio button.
  • No Cart - todayPDX does not use a "shopping cart". Anything you order is automatically accepted but you can cancel it at any time up to the time it is picked up at the retailers by the courier by clicking on the red "Cancel" option. Your credit card is not charged until the product is given to the courier for delivery to you.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee - All participating retailers have agreed to accept returns for a period of 14 days following delivery. To request a return, in the “Return” view (visible during the returns period), you will see a listing of your purchases. By checking on items, you are requesting a return of those items when you click on “Place Request”. Place the product to be returned in a bag and attach the Packing Slip that has the order number on it to expedite credit. If you are not at home, be sure to place the product where the courier can get it or indicate in the “Special Instructions” box in the “Update Account Details” view where it will be. At your option, you can bring the items into the retail store in person. In some cases, at the retailer’s option, the return requirement may be waived and your account will be credited without the need to physically return the product.
  • Delivery Area - The product of all participating retailers is displayed before you log on. Once you log on (and are able to order), the products you see displayed are those that are available for delivery in your Zip code or neighborhood. As we continue expanding our delivery area, more products will be available to more customers, but there still may be some products that are available in certain areas only.
  • Alternate Address - If you are located away from the todayPDX area yourself but you are making a purchase for someone such as a child or parent who does live in the todayPDX delivery area, you can set up an "alternate address" in the “My Today” view and product available in that Zip code or neighborhood will be displayed.
  • Login Security - When you first log in, you will be asked if you want to be remembered on your next visit. If you say "Yes", you will find yourself already logged in whenever you revisit the todayPDX Website using that same computer. If you change your mind later, simply use the Logoff link and that automatic sign in will be cancelled and your password will be needed for later sign ins until you again answer "Yes".


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